Best 4 Banking Mutual Funds Investment Tips

Banking mutual funds yielded the highest returns in 10 years, you have a chance

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mutual fundsThe past 10 years in mutual funds schemes banking, FMCG and pharma have performed best. Investors in these funds invested in someone, she would get annual returns of over 16 per cent. Clearly, this means your investment one thousand rupees per month is around Rs 3 lakh, the FD, is several times higher than bonds. Experts believe that for long-term investors can include them in your portfolio….

Found 16 per cent of 10-year return.

According to Value Research Online in the last 10 years is 9.17 per cent per annum, the Sensex, Nifty and Bank Nifty by 9.62 per cent to 14.54 per cent returns. However, banking, FMCG and pharma funds have given returns of 16 per cent.

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mutual funds
If we look at the large-cap sector, other 9.69 percent, Midcap, technology Midcap and Smallcap Fund has returned 10-12 percent.


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