Best Advisory Company, SEBI Norms given in the Debt Market

Sebi norms given in the debt market and REITs eased

The companies in raising relief funds and real estate investment trust debt market today, the SEBI has relaxed norms. Today at the meeting of SEBI regulations relief decisions were announced.


Foreign investors will be able to invest directly in debt market

Besides, Sebi also relaxed rules for foreign portfolio investor has announced. Sebi country’s debt market, foreign investors are allowed to invest directly. Currently, foreign investors in domestic debt market through brokers can invest. After the decision, hoping that the bond market will be more attractive to foreign investors.

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debt market

Bulk SMS, email, offer tips on hold

Bulk SMS and email from Sebi common investors have proposed a ban on tips. Gokhaddi the possibility of such tips and general investors trapped money matters have taken this decision in view of the regulator. The events linked to the stock market, it is proposed to hold the games.

The quota increase for employees stock

Sebi shares offered by companies to their employees has increased quota. The limit has been increased to 5 million, before the limit was 2 million.


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