Infosys Results Better than expected, Q3 net Profit of Rs 3708 crore

IT major Infosys sector were better than expected third quarter results. Infosys’ profit after tax rate quarter on quarter 3708 was Rs 3,606 crore, which is the last time. Equity Tips– Net profit was 2.8 per cent growth.

Constant currency sales growth for the company’s fiscal year 2016-17 to 8.8 per cent from 8.4 per cent is kept. However, Infosys revenue guidance for 2016-17 at 7.2 per cent 7.6 per cent (at the rate of December 31) is placed.

Revenue fell 0.2 percent

0.2 per cent to the company’s earnings in the third quarter stood at Rs 17,273 crore. 17 310 crore in the second quarter the company’s revenue. Also, the company’s revenue declined 2.9 percent to $ 251.1 million, is. While the company’s second quarter revenue of $ 258.7 million was $.

Infosys currency income for fiscal 2017 from 8.4 to 8.8 per cent from 8-9 per cent growth projected earnings growth estimates from 8.6 to 9 percent, while the dollar was reduced from 7.2 to 7.6 per cent.

SEBI Registered Company in Indore


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